Drinking water is extremely important. Your kidneys alone filter about 50 gallons of fluid a day. In a 24-hour period more that 8 quarts of digestive juices flow into the digestive tract, much of this water is recycled over and over again by you kidneys. But about 2 to 4 quarts of water a day are lost through the urine, lungs, or perspiration. For this reason, if you do not keep drinking water, your kidneys cannot perform their function well, and kidney disease results.

It has been found that water intake can increase physical endurance and ability to work as much as 80%. When you do not drink enough water, your blood thickens and flows with greater difficulty. This can cause trouble not only in your body tissues and organs, but also to your heart that must pump that sludge blood.

In order to keep from constantly running to the bathroom because of drinking water, try drinking one gulp or two at a time every 10 to 15 minutes.

Eight glasses of water is recommended daily, but you must keep in mind your height, weight, activity level as well as if the day is cool or hot. Some now recommend that water should be drunk throughout the day until the urine is clear.

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