Lack of rest lowers the immune system, lowers concentration, causes one to have a quick temper, causes one to be impatient and causes impaired cognitive function and fatigue.

Getting to bed by 10:00pm is very beneficial. Two hours of sleep prior to midnight is worth more than four hours of sleep after midnight due to when melatonin is released in the body.

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the pineal gland a pea-sized gland located just beneath the center of the brain in response to darkness. Some recent studies have found that people who work night shifts may be at increased risk for cancer, which could be linked to melatonin levels in the body. Proponents also claim that melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant, a compound that blocks the action of free radicals, activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells. Because of melatonin’s suspected antioxidant properties, some believe it may suppress the growth of some types of cancer cells.  Some supporters suggest that melatonin may also stimulate a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells, which attack tumors.  Some recent research has suggested that low melatonin levels in the body may be linked to a higher risk of certain types of cancer. For example, a few studies have found that women who work night shifts for many years and therefore would be expected to have lower levels of melatonin seem to have a slightly higher risk of breast and colorectal cancer. Even if this research is confirmed, however, it does not necessarily mean that melatonin supplements can lower cancer risk.  Melatonin has been shown to slow or stop the growth of several types of cancer cells when studied in the laboratory. Whether this same effect occurs in the body is unknown.  Several studies have looked at the use of melatonin to treat cancer. Some of the studies have suggested that melatonin may extend survival and improve quality of life for patients with certain types of untreatable cancers such as advanced lung cancer and melanoma.  Some studies reported that a small number of cancers went into total or partial remission. Therefore, rest, adequate rest, is extremely important to obtaining and maintaining good health.

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